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Second concert by the Hutchinson Family! At Spring Garden Institute, : corner Broad and Spring Garden Sts., Monday evening, Jan. 12, 1863. All will appear! Asa, Lizzie, Abby, Freddy and little Dennett, singing their new songs of patriotism, Union, and fre

Jefferson Davis in prison : song; words by Rev. J. Barker; music by Alfred Schmidt.

Gen. Sigel's grand march / by T. J. Martin, author of Persifer Smith's march..

Oh! Bury the brave where they fall : song & chorus / written & composed by Lieut. Henrie L. Frisbie of the 113th Ills Infy Vols.

Columbia's guardian angels / words and music by Henry C. Work.

Come in out of the draft, or, How are you, Conscript? : comic song / music by B. Frank Walters ; words by Ednor Rossiter.

Jeff in petticoats : a song for the times / words by George Cooper ; music by Henry Tucker.

Major R. Anderson's grand march : op. 1312 / Ch. Grobe.

How are you conscript? / words & music by Frank Wilder.

Song of a thousand years: solo and chorus; words and music by Heny C. Work.

They pray for us at home : song and chorus / words by Ednor Rossiter ; music by B. Frank Walters.

Jenny Wade, the heroine of Gettysburg / words by Albert G. Anderson ; music by Rudolph Wittig.

The union forever : patriotic song & chorus / written & composed for Miss Ada Webb by Will S. Hays.

The faded coat of blue : or, The nameless grave / words and music by J.H. McNaughton.

Who will care for mother now? Song with chorus. Words and music by Charles Carroll Sawyer; arr. by C.F. Thompson.

Mother kissed me in my dream: ballad; words by Geo. Cooper; music by J.R. Thomas.

Is our banner still advancing: song & chorus; words by John H. Lozier; music by C.M. Currier.

Dear mother I've come home to die : song and chorus / words by E. Bowers ; music by Henry Tucker.

Just before the battle, Mother.

The picket guard.

Brave boys are they!

The roll of honor.

Sleeping for the flag.

McClellan's serenade: quartette; words by Lt. Col. F.S. Nickerson, Maine 4th Regt.

Rally round the flag; words and music by Jas. T. Fields; music by Wm. B. Bradbury.

The two pickets: dedicated to the Union League of New England. Words and music by Ossian E. Dodge; and sung by him and Wm. Hayward, with immense success at their monster concert at Tremont Temple, Fast Evening, Boston, April 2d 1863.

When the lonely watch I'm keeping: a soldier's reply to Weeping, sad, and lonely.

Weeping, sad and lonely, or, When this cruel war is over; words by Charles Carroll Sawyer; music composed and arranged by Henry Tucker.

Yes! I would the war were over: answer to When this cruel war is over; words & music by Alice Hawthorne.

The rebels retreat, or, The double quick from Yorktown.

Zouaves battle march: op. 88; composed by Wm. Dressler.

Marching along: the popular army song and chorus by Wm. B. Bradbury.

Kiss me mother, kiss your darling.

We are marching down to Dixie's land. : (Improved.)

When Johnny comes marching home.

Beadle's dime Union song book no 2 for sale here price 10 cts.

Union war songs. Army hymn. / By Oliver Wendell Holmes. (Tune.--Old hundred.