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Southern clergyman and the devil envelope

Louisiana envelope

Friend Jane envelope

Kentuckians beware of traitors envelope

Zouave with Union flag and bayonet envelope

Fight on the back Old Dominion envelope

George Washington rides next to monuments and landmarks envelope

Jefferson Davis at sea envelope

Slave pen in Alexandria, Virginia envelope

Union shield with Liberty cap envelope

Camp Davies envelope

Alabama envelope

Woman with eagle envelope

Naval Expedition No. 8 envelope

Illinois envelope

Sons of Erin envelope

California envelope

Map of the seat of war envelope

Gleeful and horrified Southerner envelope

Union pill envelope

George Washington pointing to west front of Capitol envelope

Eagle and U.S. Senate envelope

Albany with two women holding grain envelope

Hand envelope

Friend Susan and Friend Broadbrim envelope

Connecticut envelope

Why don't you take it? with Davis's response envelopes

Jefferson Davis bust portrait with Confederate flags envelope

Miners and Sappers envelope 2

Battle of Gettysburg 4 envelope

Friend Thomas envelope

The Union forever and indolent freedman envelope

Two women with young girl looking into U.S.A. mirror envelope

Female Correspondence envelope

Eagle standing on flags and shield envelope

Iowa envelope

Texas envelope

Cannon envelope

Jefferson Davis in refrigerator envelope

Dixie ensnarled in "secession" snake envelope

"Black drop" envelope

I'se from Harper's Ferry.

Fight on the back of Old Dominion envelope 2

Naval Expedition No. 4 envelope

Confederate flags, snakes and woman in armor envelope

"Latest contraband" envelope

Two women with Union flag envelope

Slave tied and flogged envelope

Eagle facing right envelope

Union flag facing right with other Union symbols envelope