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Steamer Cimbria coming up New York Bay, from launch, Henry George [graphic].

Sch[oone]r Fred C. Holden in N.Y. Bay, [NJ] [graphic].

Steamer Minnie Cornell. N.Y. Harbor, [NJ] [graphic].

Schooner & sloop, N.Y. Bay. Also from the Taurus [graphic].

3 masted schooner in N.Y. Bay, stern view [graphic].

Sloop yacht in N.Y. Bay, [NJ] [graphic]

Bark in N.Y. Bay, [NJ] [graphic].

S.S. Old Dominion, outward bound. N.Y. Bay [graphic].

Yacht "Tidal Wave" in N.Y. Bay. From Iron S. Boat Co.'s ferries [graphic].

Sloop in N.Y. Bay [graphic].

Schooner in N.Y. Bay [graphic].