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West India luxury!! [graphic] / J.F.

[Unidentified West Indian harbor at sunset with dog]

David Lewis Papers, 1793-1839 (inclusive).

West Indies [cartographic material] : agreeable to the most approv'd Maps and Charts / By Thos. Kitchin, Geogr., Hydrographer to his Majesty.

Nigritae exhaustis venis metallicis conficiendo saccharo operam dare debent. [graphic].

La figure des moulins a sucre [graphic] / A. W. delin. ; H.B. s.

[Views of Saint Domingue] [graphic].

[Views of Saint Domingue] [graphic].

Watson & Paul Business Records, 1792-1807.

An accurate map of the West Indies with the adjacent coast of America [cartographic material] / By J. Russell; Russell del. et Sculpt.