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The house that Jeff built. [graphic]

John Brown meeting the slave mother and her child on the steps of Charlestown jail on his way to execution.

[Series of Clarence E. Brooks & Co. Fine Coach Varnishes, cor. West & West 12th St. N.Y. racist 1880 calendar illustrations after the "Blackville" series] [graphic].

"No higher law." [graphic] /

Handicap race presidential stakes 1844. [graphic] /. EWC.

A grand slave hunt, or trial of speed for the presidency, between celebrated nags Black Dan, Lewis Cass, and Haynau. [graphic] /. T.C., del.

Philadelphia public schools photograph collection

The result of the Fifteenth Amendment, and the rise and progress of the African race in America and its final accomplishment, and celebration on May 19th A.D. 1870. [graphic]

Heroes of the colored race

Afro-American historical family record