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The house that Jeff built. [graphic]

The disappointed abolitionists. [graphic] / C.

The resurrection of Henry Box Brown at Philadelphia [graphic] : Who escaped from Richmond Va. in a box 3 feet long 2 1/2 ft. deep and 2ft. wide. / Kramer, del.

The Cincinnati platform, or the way to make a new state in 1856. [graphic]

Immediate emancipation illustrated. [graphic]

Specimen sheet Union, patriotic and humorous designs upon envelopes








Cartes de visite reproductions of Civil War era sketches by H.C. Bispham

The people putting responsibility to the test or the downfall of the kitchen cabinet and collar presses. [graphic] / T.W. Whitley alias Sir Joshua invt..

The great November contest. Patriotism vs bummerism. [graphic]

[Photographic Society of Philadelphia's Chesapeake & Ohio Canal excursion, May 21-29, 1882 album]

Grigg Block, North Fourth Street, Philadelphia.

The British surrendering their arms to Gen. Washington after their defeat at York Town in Virginia October 1781

[Series of Clarence E. Brooks & Co. Fine Coach Varnishes, cor. West & West 12th St. N.Y. racist 1880 calendar illustrations after the "Blackville" series] [graphic].

To the people of America, this engraving of "First in Peace," from the original painting, is respectfully dedicated, representing the arrival of General George Washington at the Battery, New York, April 23rd, 1789, previous to his inauguration as the firs

"No higher law." [graphic] /

Emancipated slaves.

Handicap race presidential stakes 1844. [graphic] /. EWC.

Practical illustration of the fugitive slave law. [graphic] /. EC, del.

The great presidential race of 1856. [graphic]

The Democratic platform [graphic]

The military and historical portrait group of the officers of the Third North Carolina U. S. V. Infantry in the war with Spain, commanded by Colonel James H. Young. The first negro regiment ever organized and entirely officered by colored men.

[Scrapbook with linen pages] [graphic].

Worship of the North. [graphic]

The result of the Fifteenth Amendment, and the rise and progress of the African race in America and its final accomplishment, and celebration on May 19th A.D. 1870. [graphic]

Portrait album of well known 19th-century African American men of Philadelphia

Portrait Album of Well-Known 19th-Century African American Men of Philadelphia

[Robert Swayne collection of Philadelphia photographs] [graphic].

Heroes of the colored race

[Thomas Richardson and American Bank Note Company scrapbook]

[Deborah Passmore Gillingham scrapbook of prints, drawings, and specimens] [graphic].

Political caricature no.3. The abolition catastrophe, or the November smash-up. [graphic]

Afro-American historical family record