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Sanford's new Opera House Race Street, between Second & Third. : Thanksgiving bill! Afternoon & evening Afternoon, doors open quarter to 2. Commence quarter past 2. Evening, doors open half-past 6. Commencing half-past 7. Sanford's Opera Troupe in burlesq

Maryland Institute. A few nights only : Carncross and Dixey's Minstrels the star troupe of the world! In their great Ethiopian soirees ... This Monday evening, May 25th, 1863 ... Burlesque monster concert a la Germania. ... Poor old maids! ... Babes in th

Photographing the Baby

[Series of Clarence E. Brooks & Co. Fine Coach Varnishes, cor. West & West 12th St. N.Y. racist 1880 calendar illustrations after the "Blackville" series] [graphic].