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Little boy with frilly shirt standing in front of a stone porch, Philadelphia.

Little boy in suit standing in front of a brick house, Philadelphia.

Little boy, possibly with rickets, standing in front of brick house, Philadelphia.

Boy wearing white outfit standing in front of wall, Philadelphia.

North. [graphic].

Little boy in playsuit standing in front of brick wall, Philadelphia.

Two little boys in front of brick house, Philadelphia.

Five boys sitting on the wooden door of a sidewalk cellar entrance, Philadelphia.

Group portrait of young boys on steps, Philadelphia.

Boy wearing a suit and ribbon bow on arm standing in front of brick house, Philadelphia.

Blond boy in overalls standing on sidewalk, Philadelphia.

Four teenage boys standing in front of brick and stone house, Philadelphia.

[Full-length portrait of an unidentified, seated boy] [graphic].

[Three-quarter length portrait of a young boy] [graphic] / W & F Langenheim, 216 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

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Two little boys dressed for First Communion standing in front of a brick house, Philadelphia.

[Two men hunting]

Little boy with leg braces sitting on bench, Philadelphia.

La main chaude [graphic].

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Boy and two young men in suits standing outside brick building, Philadelphia.

Little boy riding a small tricycle, Philadelphia.

Little boy wearing printed sweater standing in front of brownstone house, Philadelphia.

The coming power. "Swiftsure soap." Compliments of Ecker & Co., Otis & Holman Sts., Phila., Pa.

Open your mouth and shut your eyes.

Three men and a little boy sitting on a wooden stoop, Philadelphia.

Man and boy standing outside a screened porch, Philadelphia.

Woman with boy sitting on stoop, Philadelphia.

Young woman standing on porch with little boy, Philadelphia.

Three men, possibly fathers, with three boys, possibly their sons, sitting on marble step, Philadelphia.

Seven men and a young boy sitting on brownstone steps, Philadelphia.