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Preparing for school.

The misfortunes of a sweet tooth.

Whack it off short Sam.

[Entrance to McKinley's Court -- west from 516 North Second Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

"Pushmobiles lined up for a race, G[erman]t[ow]n. [graphic].

[Boys' music class]

[Presbyterian Hospital, administration building, Philadelphia]

ASSU Illustration 7237

ASSU Illustration 6548

Patriotic souvenir pies.

Warburton, "the" hatter, 430 Chestnut Street.

[Universal Fashion Co. trade cards]

Lichten Bros., manufacturers of fine cigars, s.e. cor. 5th and Cherry Sts., Philada.

Boy with baby on old marble steps, Philadelphia.

Boy and girl in front of a religious statue of Mary, Philadelphia.

Boy and his dog sitting on marble steps, Philadelphia.

Shortlidge's Media Academy, for young men and boys, twelve miles from depot, Thirty-first and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, on the Philadelphia and West Chester R.R.

Eight men and boys standing outside a brick building, Philadelphia.

Man, woman, and little boy standing in front of door, Philadelphia.

Five boys posing in front of wooden house, Philadelphia.

Two men and two boys in front of factory window, Philadelphia.

Two little nigs

"Doing business on a small scale"

Old Moravian burying ground - summer.

[Boys digging near Schuylkill River, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Unidentified residences in Manayunk, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Unidentified African American boy in sailor suit]

The dawn of liberty [graphic] : General Gage said "The very children here draw on a love of liberty with the air they breathe. You may go my brave boys, and be assured if my troops trouble you again they shall be punished." / Max Rosenthal del.; L.N. Rose

[Ariovistus Pardee, Jr.] [graphic]

[Ariovistus Pardee, Jr.] [graphic]

The trombone soloist. [graphic] / William H. Rau, photographer, Philad'a., Pa.

Midsummer dinner [graphic] / F. A. Nowell, No. 263 King Street, Charleston, S.C.; E. Perry, print.

[Convalescing children]

[African American boy shoe shine being kicked by a white boy clown] [graphic].

[African American boy in tree reaching for eggs in a bird’s nest] [graphic].

Calabash tree near Church Caves. [Two] colored boys under it. [Bermuda] [graphic].

Group of colored boys near the Church Cave,. [Bermuda] [graphic].

[Unidentified African American woman and boy]

A group of natives, Chipigana. Tropical Scenery. Darien Expedition.

[Convalescing children]

Go way white trash, dis chile dance yer blind [graphic] / G. W. Leonard. 1877.

Laird, Schober & Mitchell's shoes. Too fine to blacken! [graphic].

ASSU Illustration 6204

ASSU Illustration 7028

Copy photograph of African American nanny

Attention soldiers : Mr. A. Winch, of 320 Chestnut Street, has engaged our "Quaker City poet" Elmer Ruán Coates, Esq. to furnish you a series of patriotic ballads!! Applicable to every situation of martial life, as you will often resort to the power of mu

Pony riding, Camp Emlen, Norwood, Montg. Co., Pa. Conducted by Wissahickon Boys Club, Germantown, Phila.

[Joseph Hoover trade cards]

J. Holly, fine clothing, ready-made and to order, 1312 South St., Phila.

[Rosenbaum & Co. trade cards]