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The wood-cart.

The draymen.

Masonic Temple and M.E. Church, Phila.

Methodist Episcopal Church and Masonic Temple.

Race Street in Philadelphia's Chinatown.

T. I. Dyre, Jr. bell & brass founder, corner of Washington & Church Streets, Philadelphia.

Potter & Carmichael, oil cloth manufacturers warehouse, No. 135, North Third Street, Philadelphia.

Abbott & Lawrence. Liberty Stove Works, Brown Street above Fourth St. Philada.

Bridesburg Machine Works. Alfred Jenks & Son, manufacturers of cotton and wool carding spinning and weaving machinery, shafting and millgearing, Bridesburg post office Philadelphia.

Wetherill's white lead, red lead, chemical glass, drug & dye stuff store. Wetherill & Brother, manufacturer of white lead & red lead litharge chrome yellow & green, oil vitrol, copperas, chemicals

[Wm D. Parrish, book bindery, paper & rag warehouse, paper books and stationery, 4 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia]

Harrison Brothers' white lead works & chemical laboratory, Philadelphia.

[A. H. Eckhardt. Soap & candle manufactory, No. 326 N. Second Street, Philadelphia]

Burton & Laning. Manufactory: 6th Street above Camac.

Wakefield Manufacturing Company. Hosiery. Germantown, Philada. County.

Wakefield Manufacturing Company. Hosiery. Germantown, Philada. County.

Custom House and Post Office, Philadelphia, Pa.

[View of the north side of Chestnut Street, east of Second Street, to the river Delaware] [graphic].

N.H. Graham & Cos. curing, packing & smoking establishment. Filbert St. between Schuylkill 2d. & 3d. Sts. Philadelphia.

[Hartley & Knight's bedding warehouse, 148 South Second Street, Philadelphia]

[Jacob Emerick importer and wholesaler, dealer in china, glass & Queensware, No. 215 North Third Street. Philada. 4 doors below Callowhill St. east side. Packing warranted.]

John C. Baker & Co. wholesale dealers & importers of drugs, medicines, chemicals, paints & dye stuffs, No. 100, North Third St. Philadelphia.

Market Street, from Front St. Philadelphia.

[John Horn, drugs and chemical store, N.E. corner of Third & Brown Streets, Philadelphia]

[John Ziegler, grocer, N.W. corner of Callowhill and Water Streets, Philadelphia]

Academy of Natural Sciences (undergoing "raising", &c.) and the "La Pierre house" hotel; with the private dwelling house at the S.W. corner of Broad and Chestnut Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Joseph Sims old mansion. Next south of St. Peters' church ground on the west side of Third Street near Lombard St. (part of the church, and Pine St., house in the view). [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Chestnut Street from the Custom House

Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, from Eighth to Ninth, north side.

Chestnut Street from the Custom House Philadelphia.

West side of Ninth St., from the southwest corner of Market & Ninth St. southerly to Chestnut Street &c including a view of the building of the University of Pennsylvania (part of the house on the s.e. corner of Market and Ninth St. on your left hand.) [g

[View of the north side of Chestnut Street, east of Second Street, to the river Delaware] [graphic].

View of the north side of Chestnut Street, east of Second Street, to the river Delaware [graphic] / Photographed from a daguerreotype by Mason - 1845 [sic] - by Richards.

The house intended for the President of the United States, in Ninth Street Philadelphia [graphic] / Drawn & Engraved by W. Birch & Son.

High Street, with the First Presbyterian Church [graphic] : Taken down in 1820. Philadelphia / Designed & Published by W. Birch Enamel Painter 1800.

Market Street from Front St. Philadelphia.

Market Street, from Front St.

[Myers, Claghorn & Co. auction store, 232 Market Street] [graphic].

The Centennial - George's Hill from Elm Avenue.

The Court of Honor during the Elks' greatest parade, Philadelphia, July 18, 1907.

[Cherry St. Factory (court-yard view.)]

West Philadelphia Sadiron Works, M.L. Keen & Brother, Proprietors.

Harrison & Newhall, corner of Race and Crown streets, Philadelphia. Commission merchants and importers Rio coffee, sugars, hides &c. Philadelphia.

[M. L. Hallowell & Co. Importer and jobbers in silk goods, 147 Market Street, Philadelphia]

[Southwark Coffee & Spice Mills. J. O. Thornley.]

Bicycle glide

Louis L. Peck manufacturer & dealer in burning fluid varnishes, pine oil, virgin & sp[iri]ts of turpentine absolute, apothecaries, deodorized and fluid alcohol, of a superior quality linseed oil, white lead, lamps of every description, German & English br

West Philadelphia Manufacturing Cos. Starch & Farina Works. Chestnut & Bridgewater Streets, Philadelphia. Refined pearl starch & corn farina.

Jacob Riegel & Co., importers and jobbers of dry goods. No. 333 Market, & Nos. 25 & 27 North 4th Street, Philadelphia

Market St., west of 10th St.