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Belmont Avenue

Centennial Photographic Company Collection

American Kindergarten - exterior.

Machinery Hall.

Women's Pavillion and Government Building.

Pennsylvania Day - instantaneous view.

Centennial Water Works

Centennial opening - the orators.

The Dairy.

Horticultural Hall from Grounds

Centennial Photographic Company Collection

Main Building - Interior S. E. Central Tower

Latonia Barbonica - Floral Hall

German Pavilion..

Horticultural Building West Front

Main Building - East end.

Horti: Grounds from Horti: HHorti[cultural]: Grounds from Horti[cultural]: H[all]

The Lake

Belmont Avenue Looking North

Pennsylvania Day - instantaneous view.

Machinery Hall.

Centennial opening - the choristers.

Lob cabin in "Ye Olden Time."

Guns in Front of Government Building

U.S. Government Building and State Avenue from West end.

The 20 Ton Rodman Gun

Agricultural Hall.

Women's Pavilion.

Horticultural Hall.

Judge's Pavilion.

Horticultural Hall - East Front.

Birdseye view from Main Building.

State buildings, "New Hampshire Day".

[U.S. Government Building - Seals and Sea Lions - Smithsonian Exhibit]

Horti: Grounds from Horti: Building

Fountain Avenue.

Portico of Centennial Photographic Company's Building

English Commissioner's Building.

Agricultural Avenue

Horticultural Building - S.W. Forcing Room

U.S. Government Building

Main Building - for "Art and Industry".

Birds-eye view from Machinery Hall looking west.

State buildings from Machinery Hall.

Horti: Building - Rustic Gate

Pennsylvania Day - instantaneous view.

Main Building - Western entrance.

Fountain Avenue.

Main Building - North Ave. Looking East - April 6th

Maryland State Building.