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[Portrait of an unidentifed woman] [graphic] Van Loan & Co's Gallery 118 Chesnut St. Philada.

[Portrait of an unidentifed man] [graphic]

Compliments of Lehman & Bolton, lithographers, printers, publishers. 715, 171, 719 Arch Street. Philadelphia.

"Queen Bess" corset and skirt supporter. This is by far the best corset and skirt supporter ever made and is warranted in every particular. Manufactured only by the Worcester Corset Co., Worcester, Mass.

Star-braid and Fleisher's worsted yarns.

Compliments of Hershey Baking Co., York, Pa.

Native American woman standing in wooded area, Philadelphia.

[Textile labels advertising Ginghams, and Balmoral skirts]

[Textile labels advertising Ginghams, and Balmoral skirts] [graphic].

J. P. Buggy, palmoral [sic] skirts. Manufacturer.

J. P. Buggy, palmoral [sic] skirts. Manufacturer. [graphic].

The secret out at last. Why Mrs. Brown has such a perfect figure.

Illustrations for the Berlitz Method [graphic].

A. Heinman men's furnishing goods, No. 140 No. Eighth Str. Philadelphia.

[Portrait of Elizabeth Berry in a coat and hat] [graphic].

Philadelphia fashions, spring & summer 1845, by S. A. & A. F. Ward no. 62 Walnut St.

O. B. De Morat, photographer, No. 2 South Eighth St., Philadelphia.

Fashions by S.A. & A.F. Ward, spring & summer 1850, no. 62 Walnut St. Philad.

Fashions by S.A & A.F. Ward spring & summer No. 62 Walnut Philada. 1852.

Fashions, fall & winter, 1850-1, by S.A. & A.F. Ward, No. 62 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

Fashions for fall and winter 1848-9 by S.A. & A.F. Ward, no. 62 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

The "new woman."

Fashions for spring and summer 1847 by S.A. & A.F. Ward, no. 62 Walnut Street Philada.

[M.A. Fritsche trade cards]

What makes these children look so queer? Why do they awkward all appear? The reason is, they are arrayed in clothing that is badly made. [graphic] / Awkward no more these boys appear. No longer look these children queer. And do you ask the reason why?-The

Two of the killers.

[Unidentified African American boy in sailor suit]

[Unidentified young African American man]

[Unidentified young African American man]

[Unidentified African American man with a dog]

Paris, New York & Philadelphia fashions for fall 1852, published and sold by F. Mahan, no. 211 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, Paris & New-York fashions, for spring & summer 1861. Published and sold by F. Mahan, no. 720, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Paris & New York fashions for spring & summer of 1867, published and sold by F. Mahan, no. 911, Chestnut Street Philadelpiha.

Black and white beaux [graphic] / A. Hervieu del. ; Lith. of Pendleton.

Hottentote [graphic].

Dracht en wapening der Hottentots = The Hottentots clothing and their dress. [graphic].

Solomon Northup in his plantation suit [graphic] / Coffin.

Dracht en wapening der Hottentots = Les armes et habits des Hottentots, aupres le Cap de Bonne Esperance. [graphic] / A Leide, Chez Pierre vander Aa.

Chinese Gent and Lady.

[Unidentified young African American man]

Life in Philadephia [sic]. The valentine. [graphic] / Designd & drawn by W. Summers; Hunt sculpt.

[Unidentified African American woman] [graphic] / J. Fenton's photograph, ambrotype, ferrotype and photo miniature gallery, No. 729 South St., below 8th, north side, Philadelphia. N.B. Formerly of Ninth & Market Streets.

[Portrait of five African American men attired in uniforms, probably band uniforms] [graphic] / Harry A. Webb, 112 & 114 Nth. 9th St. Philadelphia, Pa.

Trexler & Hartzell [graphic].

[Three-quarter length portrait of Frances W. Bruce] [graphic].

Double Head Study of an Older and a Young Woman.

[Full-length studio portrait photograph of an unidentified, young African American man, seated] [graphic] / Fowler, 238 N. Eighth St. Philadelphia, U.S.A.

[Half-length portrait of an unidentified woman, seated] [graphic].

Group of old Japanese [graphic].

Beauty on the street- front view. J.T. F[ritch], jobber & dealer in tobacco cigars, snuff, pipes &c. Main Street, Kurtztown, PA. [graphic].