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[Broad St. looking N. from Sansom St. on 3rd day of Centennial of our Constitution, showing Arch with coats of arms of states. Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

The Jayne Building, 7th & Chestnut Sts. Philada.

[The Jayne Building, 7th & Chestnut Sts. Philada.]

Bird's eye view of Philadelphia.

Girard House, Phila.

Exchange, Phila. Pa.

Philad'a, from State House steeple.

Ledger Building, Sixth and Chestnut Streets.

[Chestnut Street in the snow, view east from Odiorne's studio at 920 Chestnut Street]

[Chestnut Street, rooftop view east from Odiorne's studio at 920 Chestnut]

Merchants' Exchange.

[Northeast corner of Chestnut and Second streets]

Market Street postcards.

East side of Thirteenth above Callowhill. Occupied in 1844 by Colored Orphan Asylum.

Broad St. looking South from Sansom St. [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[715 Arch Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Custom House & E. end of State House from 4 & Library Sts. 2nd story. Philadelphia] [graphic].

The London Hotel, N.W. corner 7th & Arch. Soon to be torn down [graphic].

[715 Arch Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[715-719 Arch Street, Bowen, Dungan & Co. under reconstruction, Philadelphia] [graphic].