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Use Eavenson's diamond soap.

Compliments of L.A. Heyer & Son, the new headquarters for toys, fancy goods and dolls, "Rhoda" baby carriages, wagons, velocipedes, etc., and fireworks, 812 Arch St., Philad'a, Pa.

Greenfield's candies. 909 Broadway.

Jet lying on front porch, Sea Girt, [NJ] [graphic].

Dog "jet" begging on [Avocado's] porch, Sea Girt, [NJ] [graphic].

John F. Haverty's dog "Dash" [graphic].

Party to reefs (Misses Schenkl, Mr. French & Mr. Trimingham) by road side. Somerset Isl[and] near wharf. Mangrove B[ay], [Bermuda] [graphic].

[Dog] "Jet" on beach, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

[Woman seated with a dog] [graphic].

Jas. S. Willis' home. Willis Island Upper Delaware River [graphic].

You are my Darling.

The first of May 1865 or gen'l moving day in Richmond Va. [graphic] / Lith. by Kimmel & Forster, 254 & 256 Canal St., N.Y.

Why dont you take it? [graphic] / Friz del.

Why don't you take it? [graphic].

[African American woman holding a dog.]

Running away [graphic] / Van Ingen - Snyder

The bloodhound business [graphic].

The fugitive's song [graphic] / designed by E.W. Bouvé.

[Unidentified African American man with a dog]

Finn & Burton's paper hangings warehouse No 142, Arch St. Phila.

The mode of training blood hounds in St. Domingo and of exercising them by Chasseurs [graphic] / M. Rainsford del. ; J. Barlow sculpt.

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Rial with Rial & Draper's Ideal Uncle Tom's Cabin. [graphic].

Colgate & Co.'s "new" soap. The "new" soap in oval cakes unequalled for laundry use.

Colburn's Phila. mustard.

The esthetic drive. 122 North Eighth Street, near Arch, common sense shoemaker, Sylvan Dalsimer, manager.

[Bound Brook Route trade cards]

Charles Brintzinghoffer, wholesale and retail brush manufacturer, No. 935 Market Street, Philadelphia.

Walter W. Bragg, printer. Fine gift & bevel edged card a speciality [sic].

What's the matter with that ere dog?

A. Maron, 1612 Chestnut Stret, Philadelphia.

E.H. Parry, fashionable hatter, S.E. cor. 10th & Market Sts. Phila.

Fannie Price, dealer in all kind of county produce, stalls, 125 & 127 Farmer's Market, Philadelphia.

[Van Haagen's Toilet Soap, Benj. Brooke & Co., Manufs., Philadelphia trade cards]

[Jones & Fisher trade cards]

Compliments of the West End Clothing House, 1634 Market Street, Philadelphia. J. Kuh; prop'r.

[Young African American man, possibly slave Jerry Stevens, at Raceland Plantation, Dinwiddie, Virginia]

[Joseph Hoover trade cards]

Schuylkill River below the falls, Fairmount Pk. Phila. [graphic] / A.K.

Thos. Moore's Cottage, Phila. Park. [graphic].

[Duryeas' Glen Cove Manufacturing Co. trade cards]

[Charles E. Hires Company trade cards]

[Louis J. Selliez trade cards]

[Boy and girl with dog, Sea Girt] [graphic].

Olney, "Don" at foot of tree near Uncle Sam[ue]l's house [graphic].

Cat & dog at tree, [Olney, PA] [graphic].

Group of sailors on the "Galina" with a bear and a goat, [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic.]

Geo. Vaux & Ralf in Vaux's backyard, [Bryn Mawr, Pa.] [graphic].

Marriott on bench reading [graphic].

Monument & Square from our front steps, [Germantown] [graphic].

H[annah] P. M[orris] and George's dog Donald. In front of ice house at Olney, [PA] [graphic].