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Jolly Jack

Worldly Evils.

Your Own Portrait.

To a Snob.

Folks do say, my little drummer,

Rum Sucker.

Mrs. Doleful.

To a Recruiting Officer.

The Sponge.

A Recruiting Officer.

The Wounded Soldier.

To a Zouave.

The Toper.

You go in for the largest liberty

The Veteran.

Smoker of the filthy weed

I very much mistrust, old Lotion

The Rum-Cask.



A Swell Head.

Good Advice to Somebody.

The Returned Veteran.


The Opposer of Temperance.

My friend, your picture here you see.

The Literary Man.

One of the B'hoys.

You're a sweet looking sailor boy, gallant and bold

The Veteran.

When first you came before my eyes

A Spiritualist.


I'm thinking e'er the day is o'er.


The Veteran.

To a Chasseur.

The Mason.

One of the B'hoys.

A Hatter.

Hic, Hic, Hic.

Begone, you dirty

Blue Ruin.

Ah! now I

Alas, poor man,

The Baker

A Careless Driver.

You drink so

You, no doubt,