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Philadelphia from Girard College - 1850

The Sarcophagus brought from Syria & presented By Come. Elliott to the Girard College.

Benson, Richard, 1772-1844

At dinner, Girard College, Philadelphia.

Girard College with statue of Stephen Girard.

Dawson, Mordecai Lewis, 1799-1872

Souvenir of Philadelphia Plate.

[John Mundell & Co. trade cards]

Philadelphia north of Chesnut [sic] St.

Philadelphia showing Girard College.

Girard College, Phila., Pa.

Statue of Stephen Girard, Girard College, Phila.

Relics of S. Girard at Girard College.

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House steeple. North.

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House Steeple. North.

Sargent, Thomas, 1782-1860



Ledger carriers annual greeting 1862.

Views of Fairmount Park Album

Views of Philadelphia Souvenir Booklet

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p. 12

pp. 15-16

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Centennial Exhibition and Philadelphia [viewbook] [graphic].



Back endpaper

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[Uncut proof sheet of vignette views of Philadelphia landmarks]

Views of Fairmount Park Philadelphia 1866

Philadelphia [viewbook]

Philadelphia [viewbook] [graphic].