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[Frame rowhouses, East Thompson and East Columbia Streets, Fishtown, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

[McKinley's Court, west from 516 North Second Street, Philadelphia]. [graphic].

[Row houses, Philadelphia]

5618 Girard Ave. [graphic] / Parker & Mullikin Photographers, P.O. Box 275, Upper Darby, Pa.

Metropolitan Opera House postcards.

Montevista Apartments, Philadelphia.

Brick row house next to alley, Philadelphia.

A fourth day morning view of Friends Meeting House on Cherry Street. Philadelphia. [graphic] / Drawn on stone by W. L. Breton.

[Twelfth Street Friends Meetinghouse, 20 South 12th Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Radnor Meeting House.] [graphic].

Radnor Meeting House. [graphic].

Merion Meeting House, blt 1682 [sic], attended by Wm. Penn. [graphic].

Merion Meeting House. [graphic].

Frankford Friends' Meeting House postcards.

Meeting house at Fairhill, Philadelphia, Pa.

Byberry Friends' Meeting House, first house of logs, erected 1692; second of stone, in 1714; rebuilt in 1753; present house built 1808.

Friends' Meeting House, 12th Street below Market, Philadelphia, built 1812, Friends' Institute at the left, built 1892.

Hicksite Friends' Meeting House, N.E. 9th & Spruce. Since demolished.

Green Street Friends Meeting House postcards.

Friends' Meeting House, 4th and Arch Streets postcards.

Friends' Arch Street Centre, 304 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

[Byberry Friends' Meeting House.] [graphic].

Haverford Meeting. [graphic].

Haverford Meeting. [graphic].

A Monday morning view of Friends Meeting House and Academy, Philada. Forty years ago.

ASSU Illustration 148

A quaint cute old house on Race St. bet. 2nd and 3rd [graphic].

Frame houses and an odd skyline at Thompson St. and Susquehanna Ave. -- Kensington, Phila. [graphic].

[Row houses, Cherry Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Row houses along north side of Cherry Street, between 2nd and 3rd Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Lantern Lane [graphic].

From Willings Alley to Spruce Street, east side of Fourth Street. [graphic] / B.R. Evans.

[Three row houses in Irish neighborhood at 2nd and Noble Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[St. Albans Place, between Fulton and Clymer, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Frame houses next to Manayunk canal, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Hotel Pennsylvania postcards.

Newtown Meeting, Newtown, Pennsylvania, built 1711. [graphic].

Real estate development in Baederwood, Pennsylvania.

Pine St. from 17th to 18th.

Guard house, entrance to Fairmount Park.

Laundry drying behind row homes, Philadelphia.

North side of Green St. east of 22nd, Philadelphia.

727 N. 11th St. [graphic].

Portico Square. [graphic] : Philadelphia High School for Young Ladies 6 Portico Square. M. Rosienkiewicz, del.; On stone by George Lehman.

Court off Ellsworth St. No. side E of 10 St. [graphic].

[Row houses, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[View of rooftop chicken coop at 10th and Ellsworth Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Stone foundation at construction site and rear of row houses, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Portico Square.

A fourth day morning view of Friends Meeting House on Cherry Street, Philadelphia.