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U.S. Army ambulance.

A part of the 4,000,000 bale yearly cotton crop of Texas.

[Briggs & Bro., flour and feed store, East Orthodox Street, Frankford, Philadelphia]

Cars loaded with cotton bales on levee near cotton growing district, Texas.

[Unidentified commercial interior, possibly dealer of glass and fancy goods, Philadelphia]

U.S. Mint, Philadelphia

[Bronson's tobacco factory & office]

[Public Ledger Building, south west corner of Sixth and Chestnut streets, Philadelphia]

Willcox & Gibbs' sewing machine salesrooms, no. 720 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia

Wells on Clarion River

Spinning room - Winding bobbins with woolen yarn for weaving, Philadelphia, Pa.

Cotton plantation scene.

Chestnut Street, above Fourth, north side.

Gas well, Butler Co., Pa.

Chestnut above Fourth, North side.

[Panorama of Philadelphia northeast from State House]

Dr. Jayne's Building. [graphic]

Dr. Jayne's Building, Carter's Alley, March 5th 1872.

[Panorama of Philadelphia northwest from State House]

[Chestnut Street, east of Second Street, south side, Philadelphia]

East River Bridge, N.Y.

[Panorama of Philadelphia northwest from State House]

[Arch Street looking east from below Seventh Street, Philadelphia]

Second & Chestnut Streets

Ice scenes after the burning of the Jayne Building on March 5, 1872, Philadelphia.

Stereoscopic view of Market Street, Philadelphia, including a view of the Market House from 8th to Front St.

[Crowd outside the Evening Telegraph Building]

[Crowd outside the Public Ledger Building, 600-606 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia]

[Crowd outside the Evening Telegraph office, Betz Building, South Broad Street, Philadelphia]

Baird's monumental works - Spring Garden Hall in distance.

Dennis Run Oil Co. Tidioute Penn[sylvania]

On the Wissahickon near the Old Log Cabin

Ledger Building.

Ledger Building.

Farrel Farm

Philadelphia, north from State House

Ledger Building, Sixth & Chestnut Streets.

West side of Triumph Hill, near Tidioute, Pa.

Pipe line, and rail road war. Transferring oil across rail road

General view of the erecting shop, Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.

Industrial parade, Constitution Centennial, Phila., Pa. 1887.

[After the fire of McKean, Newhall and Borie's Sugar Refinery on Lagrange Place.]

Noble Well and ferry

Masonic Hall Ches[t]nut Street, Penna.

Masonic Hall

Chestnut Street east of Eighth St.

U.S. Mint, Chestnut, below Broad St.

Philad'a, from State House steeple.

Ledger Building, Sixth and Chestnut Streets.

Warner Miskey & Merrill's show room, 718 Chestnut St. Phil.