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Dispatch with our party on board at Somerset Wharf, (Mangrove Bay) [Bermuda] [graphic].

Landing steps foot of Queen St. Hamilton, W. from shed, [Bermuda] [graphic].

View from Gibbs Hill toward Spanish point of Great Sound & islands. Spectacle Is[land] in foregr[oun]d. [Bermuda] [graphic].

Dry Dock & Flag ship Northampton from S. of camber, taken from "Dispatch," [Bermuda] [graphic].

Hamilton Hotel, Mechanics Hall, New Trinity Church from hill on co[u]s[in] Jas. E. Perot's place, Par-la-ville, Hamilton, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Pitt's Bay from road, near quarries, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Street in St. Georges, Elwell on wall, Public garden on left, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Views of Chatham Island, South Pacific during United States Transit of Venus expedition.

Portion of our party in park back of Hamilton Hotel, [Bermuda] [graphic].

[Portion of our party in park back of Hamilton Hotel, Bermuda] [graphic].

Old darkey & donkey cart, on road at head of Hamilton Harbor, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Vegetable dealer Bermuda [graphic].

Long House, Residence of W.S. Barr & W.H. Darrell. [Bermuda] [graphic].

View in Public Garden, St. George's, looking toward Monkey Puzzle tree & date palms, [Bermuda] [graphic].

House with palm tree at head of harbor, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Hamilton from Fort Hamilton, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Royal (Mountain Cottage) Palms from road, near pillar box, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Some of our party sitting near Screw Pine in public garden, [Bermuda] [graphic].

[Crowd at wharf, Hamilton to see Orinoco off, Bermuda] [graphic].

[Quarries near Pitt's Bay, Bermuda] [graphic].

Headland on coast at. St. John's Hill. The admiral's residence. Inland I[sland] in distance. Todd on rocks. [Bermuda] [graphic].

Palms in public garden, St. Georges, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Square in St. Georges, some of party in foreground, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Great Dry Dock at Ireland I[sland] [Bermuda] [graphic].

[Royal Mountain Cabbage Palms] from a garden, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Palms in public garden, some of party under palms, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Calabash tree near Church Caves. [Two] colored boys under it. [Bermuda] [graphic].

Group of colored boys near the Church Cave,. [Bermuda] [graphic].

Quarries near Pitt's Bay. Men with tools. [Bermuda] [graphic].

View down Hamilton Harbor from entrance to Ms. Gosling's place, Pages, [Bermuda] [graphic].

The Iris, from the Trinidad, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Balanced rock (nearer), [at Hungry Bay, Bermuda] [graphic].

Rocky coast at Elbow Bay, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Fishing boat on shore at Salt Kettle, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Hamilton from Hill Paget, [Bermuda] [graphic].

The Trinidad approaching the dock, [Bermuda] [graphic].

House on point, N. shore of Paget. Looking toward Hamilton, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Paget [St. Paul's] Church from road. Howard Cramp by wall. [Bermuda] [graphic].

View of the Sound from Henry Darrell's place. Norwood showing corner of the house. [Bermuda] [graphic].

The Iris & Ornoco from the Trinidad, Grassy Bay, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Balanced rock at Hungry Bay, [Bermuda] [graphic].

St. Georges harbor from St. Davids Island above landing, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Old Perot house, (Mrs. Dickinson's residence) from Perot Island in Heron Bay. [Bermuda] [graphic].

Tucker's Bay from hill to East, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Front view of Avocado lodge, old home of the Perot family, Paget near Royal Palms, [Bermuda] [graphic].

The Ornoco in Grassy Bay from the Trinidad, [Bermuda] [graphic].

View westward from Fort George, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Par-la-ville from Reid St. Hamilton. [Bermuda] [graphic].

Hamilton across harbor from near head of harbor, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Bermuda yacht from shed, foot of Queen St., [Bermuda] [graphic].