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"We's done all dis s'mornin'." [graphic].

Arbuckle's ariosa coffee. Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company, New York. [graphic].

[Fulton House, No. 121 South Second Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / JMF 1861.

The light-running New Home sewing machine, D.S. Ewing, general agent, 1127 Chestnut St. Phila, PA. [graphic].

Oliver Chilled Plow Works [graphic].

Mount Vernon, the seat of the late Genl. Washington [graphic] / Drawn by W. Birch; Engraved by S. Seymour; Philadelphia, Published March 15, 1812.

"Dat corn takes a might site a hoe'in"

[Southwark Coffee & Spice Mills. J. O. Thornley.]

Andrew Wurfflein manufacturer & importer of guns, rifles & pistols, no. 208 North Second St. 5 doors above Race. Philadelphia.

Martin Landenberger & Co.

[Certificate of membership on the committee of ships and ship builders in behalf of the Great Central Fair of the States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware] Great Central Fair, for the United States Sanitary Commission. Philadelphia June 1864.

Link-Belt "D" loader handling coal from R.R. car to wagon in yard of Hamilton Coal Co., Wilmington, Del.

Girard's Bank, late the Bank of the United States, in Third Street Philadelphia [graphic] / Drawn & Published by W. Birch Enamel Painter 1800.

Foering & Thudiums cheap stove ware-house.

[Incomplete set of racist playing card game Game of In Dixieland. No. 1118] [graphic].

Henry Simons. Wagon & U.S. national coach works. Philadelphia [graphic] / W.H. Rease N.E. cor 4th. & Chestnut Sts.

[Collection of business correspondence of S. R. Van Duzer, wholesale druggist, New York]

P.2010.18.2 - 9

Wood & Perot. Wood, Miltenberger & Co. Ornamental iron works. 1136 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia. 57 Camp Street, New Orleans.


Scrapbook of Engravings, Lithographs, and Photographs

West Philadelphia Manufacturing Cos. Starch & Farina Works. Chestnut & Bridgewater Streets, Philadelphia. Refined pearl starch & corn farina.

Jacob Riegel & Co., importers and jobbers of dry goods. No. 333 Market, & Nos. 25 & 27 North 4th Street, Philadelphia

Beadle's half dime singer's library. Selected favorites. Comic and sentimental songs of all nations and ages. [graphic] : "An encyclopedia of song." For sale here. Price five cents. / N. Orr, N. Y.

Gloucester Iron Works, Gloucester, N.J. on the river Delaware nearly opposite Philadelphia, Pa. David Matthew, superintendent.

J.W. Paxson & Co. Philadelphia.

E.C. Stotsenburg's iron, brass & bell foundry, Wilmington, Delaware, Front & Washington Streets.

B. Lieber, importer of brandies, wines, gins, brown-stout, scotch ale, absinthe, segars, &c. and manufacturer of punch essence, cordials, lemon syrup, raspberry, lavender, rose, blackberry and wild-cherry. Brandies, bitters &c. No. 121 North Fourth Street

[Brown, Frederick & Kunkel, clothing warerooms, 41 North Third Street, Philadelphia]

Wood & Perot's ornamental iron works. Philadelphia.

H. S. Tarr's marble yard, no. 274 Green St. above Seventh Philadelphia Pa.

Henry Beagle, blacksmith and hame manufacturer, corner of Magnolia & Willow Sts. between Fifth & Sixth Sts. Philadelphia.

Dr. George Stuart's botanical syrup and vegetable pills, the greatest family medicine in the world.

[J. & J. Reakirt, wholesale druggists and importers of drugs, chemicals, paints, dye-stuffs, &c. &c. S.E. cor. of Third & Callowhill Sts., Philada.]

Chew house, Germantown.

New Lutheran Church, in Fourth Street Philadelphia [graphic] / Designed & Published by W. Birch Enamel Painter 1800.

[Arch Street ferry, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn, Engraved & Published by W. Birch & Son; Sold by R. Campbell & Co. No. 30 Chesnut [sic] Street.

Arch Street ferry, Philadelphia [graphic] / Drawn, Engraved & Published by W. Birch Springland near Bristol Pennsylvania 1800.

North Carolina cotton plantation

Pennsylvania Rail Road Co. connecting bridge at Girard Ave.

City Marble Works and Steam Mantel Factory. Corner Tenth and Vine Streets Philadelphia. J.E. & B. Schell.

Hart, Montgomery & Co. Successors to Isaac Pugh & Co. Manufacturers and importers of paper hangings, No. 118 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Manufactory N.E. Cor. Schuyl[kill] Front & Wood Streets [graphic] / On Stone by W.H. Rease, 17 So. 5th St.

Hart, Montgomery & Co. Successors to Isaac Pugh & Co. Manufacturers and importers of paper hangings, No. 118 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Manufactory N.E. Cor. Schuyl[kill] Front & Wood Streets


John Hibler, importer & wholesale dealer in foreign & American wines & liquors. No. 56, North Third Street, (second door above Arch,) Philadelphia.

Lacey & Phillips.

Melloy & Ford, wholesale tin ware manufacturers.


[Construction on Market Street between 17th and 18th Streets, Philadelphia, July 8, 1904]

Frank & his darkies. A wagon load of beets just in from the field