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Awful accident on the North Pennsylvania Rail Road on Thursday July 17th 1856.

[Chestnut Street Bridge, Philadelphia]

Girard Ave. Bridge.

Callowhill St. Bridge, Phila.

Girard Ave. Bridge from south side of bridge looking to the city

New Girard Avenue Bridge

The Susquehannah Bridge from above.

New York R.R. Bridge

N.Y. Bridge from N.W.

[Pennsylvania Railroad Connecting Railway Bridge from Lansdowne, Philadelphia]

Girard Avenue Bridge and N.Y.R.R. Bridge, Phila[delphia]

[Girard Avenue Bridge under construction, Schuylkill River, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]

Landsdown [sic] entrance looking south

[Promontory Rock Tunnel and New York Connecting Railway Bridge, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Duncannon Iron Co.'s Rolling Mills

New Girard Ave: Bridge from Zoological Garden

[Connecting Railway Bridge over the Schuylkill River near Girard Avenue, showing the installation of the Pratt truss, October 1897.]

Old P.R.R. Station. foot of Market St., Phila. Just previous to widening Delaware Ave. 1898.

Girard Avenue Bridge postcards.

[Pennsylvania Railroad, Manayunk Bridge, Spanning Schuylkill River & Green Lane, Manayunk, Philadelphia.]

Schuylkill River Improv. Area, December 31, 1930.

The scenery of the Pennsylvania Central Rail Road.

Bird's eye view, Centennial buildings. 1876. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

Junc. R.R. tunnel under Market & Chestnut Sts.

Dining car, Pennsylvania Limited.

Scenery of the Allegheny Mountains and Pennsylvania Central R[ail] R[oad].

Girard Bridge & c

[Girard Avenue Bridge monument]

Callowhill St. Bridge

Callowhill Street Bridge

The Allegheny Tunnel, at the Summit.

Tunnel near Girard Ave. Bridge.

The dreadful accident on the North Pennsylvania Rail-road,

Panorama Hill, Hestonville, West Philadelphia.

Pipe line, and rail road war. Transferring oil across rail road

Girard Avenue Bridge

A luxury fleet featuring newest pullman refinements at low travel cost! Pennsylvania Railroad [graphic] : Broadway Limited (All-Room Train). The General New York-Philadelphia-Chicago. "Spirit of St. Louis" New York-Philadelphia-St. Louis. Liberty Limited

Morrisville Yard, Morrisville, New Jersey. [graphic].

The first locomotive.

Children's Wooden Puzzle

Alleghany [sic] Suspension Bridge

Callowhill Street Bridge, Philadelphia, Pa.

30th Street Station and the Main Post Office, 30th and Market Streets, West Philadelphia, Philadelphia.

30th Street Station under construction, 2901-2951 Market Street, Philadelphia.

Bird's eye view Philadelphia, from LaPierre House.

Wrecked engines at Conemaugh.

P.R.R. Bridge. Hunting for bodies.

Market St. Bridge.

Scenery on the Pennsylvania Railroad Album

Scenery on the Pennsylvania Railroad