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To amrs! [sic] Recruits wanted for three months service, in F Company, Gray Reserves / Capt. J.N. Peirsol. Armory, N.E. cor. 2d and Race.

Respond to the governor's call to defend the state. : Gray Reserve Reg now recruiting. Co. A, Market Street ab. 8th, " C " " " Co. D, Eighteenth and Chestnut Sts. Companies B, E, F, G, H, and I, City Armory, Broad Street below Race.

$50 bounty! Gray Reserve Reg't : Recruits wanted for "Co. G" 100 days' service! Apply at once, at Armory, Board St. bel. Race. / S.W. Pettit. Recruiting officer.

$50 bounty! Gray Reserve Reg't : Recruits wanted for "Co. H" 100 days' service! Apply at once, at Armory, Board St. bel. Race. / Lieut. Charles O. Klett. Recruiting officer.

To arms! Rally for the right! : Recruits wanted for three months service, in Company A Gray Reserves Capt. Charles S. Smith. Armory, 810 Market Street, up stairs.

Co. C Capt. William L. Nichols, Washington Guard! Col. Wm. F. Small.

To arms! To arms!! Armory Co. G. 3d Reserve Brigade, : No. 803 Locust St. / Geo. West Blank, Captain. Frank Mills, 1st Lieut. Benj. G.S. Wilk, 2nd Lieut. W.H.H. Lockhart, O.S. Come and join us.

To arms! $10 $10 extra bounty! : Co. I Union League Reg't for 3 months' state service Headquarters Independence Square / Capt. R.F. Anderson, late of the 110th P.V. 1st Lieut. A.W. McIlroy. 2d do. [blank]

To arms! Coal Regiment! Col. Alfred Day comd'g : $25 bounty to each volunteer, from city $10, in all $35.00 bounty! Recruits wanted for 3 mos. for Co. [blank] Recruiting offices, 138 South Fourth Street, basement. 1701 Germantown Road & Columbia Av. / Cap

20th Regiment leaves today. : Co. "M" Captain C.L. Smith, will rendezvous at 9 o'clock A.M. at Front and Lombard where they will receive uniforms!

Philad'a Guards three months. Recruits wanted! : All the city bounties secured. Arms, clothing, and all necessities furnished. Fall in Recruiting office, 516 South Fourth St. / Capt. Samuel Davies.

Headquarter Infantry Corps National Guards [membership certificate]

Attention! 10 more men wanted : to fill Company D, Jefferson Guards, attached to Col. Conroy's regiment, which will go into camp in a few days. Men will be fed and quartered at our head quarters, 2130 Market St. / John Moore, Captain.

Volunteers wanted for Dallas Guards, : at the Old Church, Crown St. above Race This company is connected with Col. Conroy's regiment, and will got into camp immediately. The men will be fed and quartered at our head quarters until mustered into service. /

1st Pa. Chasseurs! Sharpshooters! : Men equipped, and sent to camp soon as mustered in, at Broad and Germantown R.R. This regiment is attached to the Union League Brigade! / Charles Lespes, Colonel, 402 Ranstead Place. T. Ellwood Zell, Lieut. Colonel, 17

Capt. Phillips' company, attached to Col. G. Wallace's regiment, infanty. : Headquarters, No. 426 Chestnut Street, Government Buildings. A few more good men wanted. / 1st Lieut. E.L. Poak, 2d " L.T. Matlack. Capt. E.J. Phillips.

Rally for the Keystone State! : To arms To arms Now is your chance to avoid the draft! 20 men wanted! To fill a company now forming for state defence, under the command of experienced officers. / Capt. A. McCormick. 1st Lieut. Luke Shearer. 2d Lieut. J. K

To arms! To arms! : Recruits wanted to fill up independent company, for defence of the city or state. Head-quarters, Jermon & Jones' Mill, Girard Avenue and Vienna Sts.

Recruits wanted for the Keystone Artillery for temporary service, in the defence of your state. : Head-quarters 808 Filbert Street.

$35 bounty! Fall in boys and get rid of the draft! : by joining Captain V. Marchal's company of the 1st Penn'a Chasseurs Union League Brigade! Six months service! Charles Lespes, Col. T. Ellwood Zell, Lieut. Col. Company head-quarters, 526 Prune St. / V.

Avoid the draft : Three months' men called for to defend their own state, to be commanded by experienced officers. All the privileges guaranteed, will be paid. / By order of C. Young, Captain. John E. Milner, 1st Lieut. [blank] 2d Lieut. Apply at the rend

Twenty five volunteers wanted! : For immediate service in the Garabaldi Legion, to complete Capt. ... Hagan's company. Apply at the N.W. cor. 5th & Prune St. second story. Men who enroll at this rendezvous will be provided with three meals a day.

To arms! To arms! Coal Regiment! : 45 dollars bounty! Recruits wanted for 3 months Co. "A." $25 bounty to each volunteer, in addition to $20 city bounties--making $45 in all. Col. Alfred Day, commanding. / Capt. S.M. Heaton. 1st Lieut. John C. Scott. 2d L

To arms! To arms! Coal Regiment! : 35 dollars bounty! Recruits wanted for 3 months Co. B. $25 bounty to each volunteer, in addition to $10 city bounties--making $35 in all. Alfred Day, Col. commanding. / Capt. Theo. Burkhart. 1st Lieut. [blank] 2d Lieut.

Recruits wanted! For the state service! : Company M, 20th Regim't, Col. Wm. B. Thomas, commanding. Apply at head-quarters, Custom House. / D.P. Billington, Capt. commanding Co. M,

Volunteers wanted for Company F : to be attached to the Thomas A. Scott Regiment Col. Conroy, commanding. To be mustered in and proceed to camp at once. Rendezvous Sixth and Minor Streets and 21st and Market Streets / John T. O'Brien, Capt. Wm. H. Conroy,

Rally bush whackers! For the defence of Pennsylvania. : Recruits wanted for an independent company of bush whackers. $60 bounty given. Uniformed and equipped immediately. Head quarters, Nos. 721 & 732 South Front Street. / S.B. Butland, 1st Lieut. F. John