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For 100 days! By order of the Secretary of War. : Recruits wanted to fill Company "I" 20th Regiment P.V.M. Wm. B. Thomas, Col. commanding. City bounty, "$25" when mustered in. Monthy pay now "$16." Recruits received at "McClellan House," 2d & Washington A

Recruits wanted for 100 days' service in Company A 20th Regiment P.V.M. : This regiment has been accepted by the War Department for 100 days for duty in the state or elsewhere. Recruiting stations at regim'l head-quarters, No. 533 Chestnut Street, and at

Recruits wanted immediately : to fill up a company to be attached to the Third Regiment Reserve Brigade Col. C.M. Eakin. Now at Camp Dupont. The men will be furnished with all necessary equipments before leaving the city. The regiment is provided with Sib

Turn out for state defence! : Schuylkill Guards (Union League Regiment) for three months' service Men wanted to fill the above company now organizing for state defence for three months. Mustered in and equipped before leaving. Head quarters, Schuylkill Ho

Notice! : A meeting of the citizens of the 4th prec., 24th Ward, will be held at the house of John Cruise, West Falls of Schuylkill, on the evening of [blank] for the purpose of forming a military organization, in accordance with the proclamation of the g

Attention! 20 more men wanted : to fill Capt. Connor's Rangers attached to the Thomas A. Scott Regiment, Col. Conroy commanding. Apply at 2312 Chestnut St., and corner of Bank and South Streets. / Thos. Connor, Captain. N.B. Pay and rations commence from

The Artillery Corps of Philadelphia Greys, (Company D), Comd. by Capt. Geo. Cadwalader, First Regiment of Artillery, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, P. M.

War meeting Freemen to the rescue! : All persons in favor of a vigorous prosecution of the war against the rebels, will meet in [blank] on [blank] evening, September [blank] 1861, where they will have an opportunity to place their names upon the roll of h

Town meeting! : Public notice is hereby given to the taxable citizens of the borough of Bethlehem, to meet in Citizens' Hall, on Saturday next, July 4th, at one o'clock p.m., to ratify the payment of bounty to volunteers under command of Captain F. Stout.

P. S. Duval's lithographic establishment & office of the U. S. Mility. Magazine by Huddy & Duval, No. 7, Bank Alley, Philadelphia.

Target firing State Fencibles, Capt. J. Page, the seat of Dr. William Wetherill, Fatland (near Valley Forge) Montgomery Co. Pa. June 14th 1859. [graphic].

Civil War certificates containing patriotic designs. [graphic].

To the rescue! Bucks County expects every man to do his duty. : $152 bounty! And one month's pay in advance. One flag! One country! Don't wait to be drafted, but come at once and enroll in the new Bucks Co. company now forming in Doylestown, to serve for