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The American Volunteer (Granite Statue).

State buildings from Machinery Hall.

The American Volunteer (granite statue).

Pennsylvania Day - instantaneous view.

An Aspiring Soldier.

Main Building - Western entrance.

Fountain Avenue.

Maryland State Building.

Horticultural Building - S. E. Forcinf Room - March

Monitor Turret

Swedish School House.

Operti's Tropical Garden

La Roche & Stahl florist shop, 1237 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia

Library Company of Philadelphia scrapbook

[Arabic fragment, a West African gris-gris]



Plan of the isle of Trinidad from actual surveys made in the year 1797 [cartographic material] / Engraved by George Allen, 19 Shoe Lane, Fleet Str.

"Dat corn takes a might site a hoe'in"

David Murray, our waiter at Haverford [College] & his wife at door of Gym [graphic].

[African American man delivering firewood to an African American woman]

Midway Plaisance-Dahomans [graphic].

Library Company of Philadelphia scrapbook

[Portrait of an African American family]

Old Maid.

Waiting for an Offer.

Dis yer misery makes dis chile done gone mournin orful! orful! No. 18 cured this gempleman thanks to massa Hartshorn. [graphic].

A darktown wedding, the ceremony

The End of Old Maids.

"Ariosa" Coffee. One gleam of consolation. From "Judge" by permission [graphic].

Ask for the "Wenck" perfumes. (Warranted the best.) And take no other. [graphic].

Use Merrick's thread. "Gully this cotton beats 'em all!" [graphic].

[Racist metamorphic New Years Day card depicting a man kissing a series of women, including a grotesquely depicted African American woman] [graphic].

A bran new coon in town

View of the old Capitol. [graphic].

John J. Smith and Rachel Collins Pearsall Smith Family Photograph Album

John Jay Smith and Rachel Collins Pearsall Smith Family photograph album

West India fashionables. [graphic] : On a visit in style. Taking a ride. / J.F.

The happy negro. [graphic] / J.F.

[Procession of Poor Richard Club members down Locust Street, Philadelphia]

[Trio gem lantern slide of scenes from Uncle Tom's Cabin] [graphic].

Testimonial banquet to Ms. Eugenia M. Neal. Daughter Ruler Keystone Temple, No. 448 I.B.P.O.E.W., Dec. 8, 1930. O. V. Catto Elks Home, Philadelphia. [graphic] / Standard Photo Service, 1357 South St., Phila., Pa.

Horticultural Hall, East front.

State buildings, "New Hampshire Day."

Machinery Hall.

Japanese Section - Main Building.

Main Building, north entrance.