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J.C. Hand & Co. Fine furniture, no. 1205 Market Street, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Library Company of Philadelphia scrapbook


[Arabic fragment, a West African gris-gris]



John J. Smith and Rachel Collins Pearsall Smith Family Photograph Album

John Jay Smith and Rachel Collins Pearsall Smith Family photograph album

The nigger emperor of Nicuragua [sic] on his throne. [graphic] : Attended by Chatfield & his black guards witnessing the detention of the steamer Prometheus, by the English brig of war Express, at San Juan.

[Procession of Poor Richard Club members down Locust Street, Philadelphia]

Testimonial banquet to Ms. Eugenia M. Neal. Daughter Ruler Keystone Temple, No. 448 I.B.P.O.E.W., Dec. 8, 1930. O. V. Catto Elks Home, Philadelphia. [graphic] / Standard Photo Service, 1357 South St., Phila., Pa.

[Trio gem lantern slide of scenes from Uncle Tom's Cabin] [graphic].

The happy negro. [graphic] / J.F.

West India fashionables. [graphic] : On a visit in style. Taking a ride. / J.F.

Horticultural Hall, East front.

State buildings, "New Hampshire Day."

Machinery Hall.

Main Building, north entrance.

Pacific Guano Company's Pavilio

Guns in Front of Government Building

Horticultural Hall, East front.

Old Maid.

Thomas Clarkson [graphic] / From a picture by H. Room; T.A. Dean, sc.

Photograph album

Portrait photograph album of Mary McPhilomy

Aunt Phebe at Mcaboy's, Polk Co. North Carolina [graphic].

Aunt Phebe, Mcaboy's, N.C. [graphic].

Group at back door of Founder's. Prof[essor] Sharpless' 3 children, [Helen, Amy and Fredric], & Eddie Thomas, [Haverford College] [graphic].

"I'm a farder"

[Millie and Christina, the "North Carolina twins"]

[Millie and Christine McCoy] [graphic] / W.L. Germons, Temple of Art, 914 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

[Woodshop class at Philadelphia Orthopedic School, 22nd & Brown Streets.]

James Weldon Johnson.

Robert Small, pilot of the steamer Planter, Charleston, S.C.

Thomas Clarkson, A.M.

Mount Vaughan

A view of Bassa Cove (in Liberia.)

Pennsylvania at the Panama Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, 1915. [graphic].

Compliments of the Domestic Sewing Machine Co. [graphic].

Bloch. Bros. West Virgina mail pouch tobacco. I tell you breddern, it pays you to read erbout W.V.A Mail Pouch terbacker on de oder side dis yer card [graphic].

Standard java, Chase & Sanborn, Boston [graphic].

Ayer's cathartic pills. (The country doctor) [graphic].

The old and the new – “Nothin’ but niggers nohow.” [graphic].

Compliments of the Domestic Sewing Machine Co. [graphic].

Rosa, an emancipated slave from New Orleans.

The London Coffee House

London Coffee House

Japanese Section - Main Building.

Cliveden 1911 [graphic].