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Police. = Polizeibeamter. ; Bill-Carrier. = Placat Träger.

[Armory of First City Troop, 21st and Ludlow streets, Philadelphia]

[Steam dummies, Fifth & Sixth Street line, with crowd]

View of the farm where the murder of the Deering [sic] Family was committed by the fiend Antoine Probst on April 7th 1866.

View of the Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon, Philadelphia, where over 300,000 Union soldiers have been fed. [graphic] / Schell del; Adrian - Probasco sc.

The terrible conflagration at Ninth and Washington Streets, Philadelphia.

Sunday laws : Hanging the cat on Monday for killing the mouse on Sunday. [graphic]

Life in Philadelphia. A black charge.

Life in Philadelphia. A black charge. [graphic] / Designd & drawn by W. Summers; Hunt sculpt.