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[Four African men carrying a white man in a sedan chair] [graphic].

[African American man smiling and carrying a watermelon] [graphic].

[African American man smiling and carrying a watermelon] [graphic].

"How do debble does dey make a bicycle?" = Como diablos se hacen los bicírculos? [graphic].

[African American woman with gold earrings] [graphic].

[African American man attired in a white collared shirt and beige bowtie] [graphic].

Joyous birthday [graphic].

Hiram W. Stout, groceries, &c., 5th and Erie Ave. [graphic].

Beauty on the street- front view. J.T. F[ritch], jobber & dealer in tobacco cigars, snuff, pipes &c. Main Street, Kurtztown, PA. [graphic].

The Union Pacific Tea Co. [graphic].

Fine clothing, for men, youths and boys at the Misfitstore, cor. 10th & F Sts. [graphic].

If you want to be stylishly shod and comfortably fitted, bring your feet to Lee Reinberg, shoe man, 7 and 11 S. George St., York, PA. [graphic].

The Star Show [graphic].

"Does you love me hun?" [graphic].

"Does you love me hun?" [graphic].

Joseph L. Varnam, ladies' and gents' & children's boot & shoe maker, Bustleton, 23rd ward, Philad'a.

B.M. Weld, drugs & medicines, also boots, shoes, slippers, etc. Bradford, Vermont.

[Eagle Starch Enamel Manufacturing Co., Frankford, Phila., Pa.]

Reed's, for clothing, furnishings, hats, shoes, 918-920-922 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

The negro on the brain. [graphic].


Old Black Joe. Dan Bryant.

Cartes de visite reproductions of "Campaign Sketches" [graphic] / [Designed and drawn on stone by Winslow Homer]

Intelligent contraband. 2d ed.

Sketches for the Washington Races in October 1840

Northern coat of arms. [graphic]

Dan Bryant.

Albert & Bayley fine shoes, 449 Broad Street Newark, N.J. [graphic].

Life nothing without the Alden vinegar [graphic].

Try Lavine for washing [graphic].

Telephone for the Alden fruit vinegar [graphic].

Try Atmore's mince meat and genuine English plum pudding [graphic].

The best, ask for it again: Star Braid. [graphic].

My boss sells the New York sewing machine. The brightest diamond of them all. [graphic].

Buy the Universal plow. Made at Canton, Ohio. [graphic].

Dr. W. W. Wogan [graphic].

Elkhart paper pail [graphic].

George Miller & Son, wholesale confectioners, 610 & 612 Market street, Philadelphia [graphic].

Gold Medal Coffee is the purest and best [graphic].

Lautz Bro's and Co.'s soaps Buffalo NY. U.S.A. Beat that if you can. [graphic].

Use Lautz Bros. & Co's soaps, best in the market [graphic].

Use Lautz Bros. & Co's soaps, best in the market [graphic].

Use Lautz Bros. & Co's soaps, best in the market [graphic].

Use Lautz Bros. & Co's soaps, best in the market [graphic].

Lines Bros., the largest retail dealers in the state! Proprietors of ten shoe stores. Buffalo store- 95 [Seneca St.]. Boots, shoes & rubber goods. Low prices. Plain figures. [graphic].

Meikleham's, Opera house block, Cohoes, N.Y. [graphic].

Minstrels! [graphic] : Branch, 1602 South St.

Schaeffer Bros. Booksellers, stationers & fancy goods, 16 So. Union St. Middeltown PA. [graphic].

The guessing. Smith, Stevenson & Co., Byxbee house block, Meriden. [graphic].

[African American boy butler carrying a bouquet of flowers] [graphic].