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Be aisy now, darlints, be aisy, I say.

Bridget, sometimes, at the glass.

Cap Sewer.


Cod-Fish Aristocracy.

A Contemptible Man.

Country Bumpkin.

Thou lazy hussy

To a Blacksmith.

When age comes on

There You Are

Thick Finger’d Fumbler

This Valentine to You

To a Barman.

A Country Clown.

Country Girl.

Country Pumbkin.

Country Storekeeper.

The Fast Man.

Hard-Hearted Man.

House Maid.

If you aint the best of good fellows.

Ill-Bred Woman.

Lady of the House.

Married for Money

Miss Fashionable.

One of our First Men.

One of the Codfish Aristocracy.

One of the Codfish

One of the Upper Ten.

Pride and Poverty.

To a Barman.


You looking for

You, no doubt,

You, no doubt,