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[Views on Tacony Creek, Philadelphia]

Views on the Wissahickon Creek, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Bits of nature and some art products in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Bits of nature and some art products

Centennial grounds from Judge's Pavilion.

The Dell in Fairmount Park postcards.

Glen near Horticultural Hall postcards.

In ravine near Sweet Briar Fairmount Park, Phila. [graphic] / A.K.

Parc Français. Artillerie.

Jardin d'horticulture, le Ruisseau G[illegible] serre

Pegs Run.

[Ridge Avenue and Philadelphia & Reading Railroad bridges over the Wissahickon Creek, Roxborough, Philadelphia.]

Race & foot bridge, [Little Wakefield, Germantown] [graphic].

Fallen tree & fence, Mill Creek, [Lycoming County, Pa.] [graphic].

Dam on Mill Cr[eek], just above the old brass mill, [Lycoming County, Pa.] [graphic].

Natural Bridge from below, down bed of Cedar Creek, [VA] [graphic].

Bridge over French Creek near French Creek Station, [Pa.] [graphic].

[Bed of Naaman's Creek, Claymont, DE], nearer R[ail]r[oad] bridge [graphic].

View on French Creek, [Elverson, Pa.], below the falls. With [George] Vaux on banks [graphic].

View up Tacony Creek below Uncle Sam[ue]l's. Whittaker's boat-house in foreground [graphic].

[Views on the Tohickon Creek, Point Pleasant, Bucks County, Pa.]

Frankford Creek at Frankford Ave., looking east [graphic].

Scene on the Wissahickon

Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park

[Bertha T. Webster sitting on a log near a creek] [graphic].

Cobbs and Darby Creeks postcards.

Centennial grounds from Judges' Pavilion.

Alirene Mills textile plant at Frankford Creek, 1200-1300 Adams Avenue, Frankford, Philadelphia.

Indian Head Park Beach on Perkiomen Creek, Oaks, Pennsylvania.

Views of the Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania.

Tumbling Run scenery, Schuylkill County, Pa.

Scenery at West West Falls, Schuylkill County, Pa.

Falls at Swiftwater, [Poconos, PA] near house with Sam[uel Buckley Morris] [graphic].

Natural Bridge, [VA], from seat on path leading down under it. G[rand] A[rmy of the] R[epublic] sign on hill [graphic].

[Bridge]. Mother on a rock in foreground. [French Creek, Pa.] [graphic].

Arch of trees over creek in Rain woods, at Uncle Samuel's, [Olney, PA] [graphic].

Falls on creek above house at Swiftwater, Lu Watt standing on bank, [Catskills] [graphic].

House [possibly McJiness House] at Swift Water [Poconos, PA] [graphic].

Bed of Naaman's Creek, [Claymont, DE], looking up toward railroad bridge. Mother on a large rock [graphic].

Fallen tree over Tacony Creek, Olney just below "Cape May." H[annah] P. M[orris] in boat [graphic].

Looking up creek from race bank below Van Buren St. [Wilmington, DE] [graphic].

Summer rambles. - Frankford Creek.

[Views of Milestown, Philadelphia along Old York Road, north of Branchtown, and above Oak Lane.]

[Cobbs Creek, near the Cobbs Creek Golf Course, Philadelphia] [graphic].

The gap at Mainville, Pa.

[View of] Rancocas Creek, NJ [graphic].

[Skinny dipping], Rancocas Creek, NJ [graphic].

[Three canoes in the water], Rancocas Creek, NJ [graphic].

[Man in a canoe], Rancocas Creek, NJ [graphic].