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[Four canoes on the river], Rancocas Creek, NJ [graphic].

[Four canoes on the] Rancocas Creek, NJ [graphic].

[Launching the canoes], Rancocas Creek, NJ [graphic].

[Four canoes on], Rancocas Creek, NJ [graphic].

[Group in a canoe], Wood Hill Farm, [Rancocas, NJ] [graphic].

Old Philadelphia Views Album

Old Philadelphia views 1861

[William Y. McAllister trade cards]

Views of the Delaware Water Gap.

Old dam on French Creek, [Elverson, Pa.]. Geo[rge] Vaux, Anna Sharpless, Lena Goodwin with cameras [graphic].

Looking down Sea Girt, creek below the mill, showing the boat, Thalatta, Sallie Emlen, Phoebe Howell & Bess in it. [NJ] [graphic].

Hannah & George [Morris] in the "Owaissa" on Tacony Creek. [graphic].

Creek below mill with boat. B[ess] C. M[orris], T[heodore] W[illiam] R[ichards] & S[am] B. M[orris], [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Boat on creek, near where boat with Howell was taken last, near T[heodore] W[illiam] R[ichards], S[amuel] B[uckley] M[orris], B[ess] C[anby] M[orris]. [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].