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The Sentinel.

Here's the boy, my soldier brave.

To a Zouave.

One of the Volunteer Militia.

Folks do say, my little drummer,

To a Recruiting Officer.

A Head for Military Distinction.

A Recruiting Officer.

The Wounded Soldier.

Return of a Three Year's Volunteer.

To a Heavy Dragoon.

To Mars, the soldier's god of war

The Veteran.

How suddenly, dear sir, you stopped your talk of war and glory

I very much mistrust, old Lotion

Fee! Faw!! Fum!!!

Would-Be Hero.

Rock-a-horse, baby, and don't make a noise

Outer-Edge Backward.

Bold Soldier Boy.

A Reconnoiterer.

To a Picket Guard.

To a Black Republican.

What man is he that loveth not renown

The Veteran.

You belong to the Sappers and Miners, `tis said

To a Volunteer.

As you stand there so quietly, in repose.

The Veteran.

A Raw Recruit.

The Army Contractor.

A Cavalry Dandy.

A Fancy Soldier.