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The black Republicans at their devotions. [graphic]

Uncle Tom and Little Eva.

First meeting of Uncle Tom and Eva.

A proslavery incantation scene or Shakespeare improved. [graphic]

The rail candidate. [graphic]

"The nigger" in the woodpile. [graphic]

Scenes from Uncle Tom's Cabin. No. 1

"The irrepressible conflict" or the Republican barge in danger. [graphic]

The people putting responsibility to the test or the downfall of the kitchen cabinet and collar presses. [graphic] / T.W. Whitley alias Sir Joshua invt..

A grand slave hunt, or trial of speed for the presidency, between celebrated nags Black Dan, Lewis Cass, and Haynau. [graphic] /. T.C., del.

The Democratic platform [graphic]

Handicap race presidential stakes 1844. [graphic] /. EWC.

All on hobbies, gee up, gee ho! [graphic] / C.

Whig equestrian exercises - ground and lofty tumbling. [graphic].