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Hunt, Emily G.

Rotch, Joseph, 1790-1839

The foundation of the Union League House, Phil.

Academy of Natural Science postcards.

Cummins, D. B.

Dunn, Nathan

Haines, Ruben, 1793-1834

Ralston, Ashbel G.

Hutchinson, I. Pemberton

Maclure, William, 1763-1840

Peale, Titian Ramsay, 1799-1885

Colton, Sabin W., Jr., 1847-1925

Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pa.

Broad St. from the Academy of Music.

Academy of Natural Sciences (undergoing "raising", &c.) and the "La Pierre house" hotel; with the private dwelling house at the S.W. corner of Broad and Chestnut Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

[Academy of Natural Sciences and La Pierre House, north west corner of Broad and Sansom Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Academy of Natural Sciences

Rogers, Fairman

Pepper, William, 1810-1864

La Roche, Rene, 1795-1872

Smith, Uselma C., 1841-1902

Lea, Isaac, 1792-1886

La Pierre House.

La Pierre House.

La Pierre House Philada. [graphic] / Bartlett & Smith, photographers.

La Pierre House, Academy of Natural Science, and Union League, Broad Street, below Chestnut. [graphic]

La Pierre House, Academy of Natural Sciences, and Union League, Broad St., below Chestnut, Phila[delphia] Pa.

Wister, Caspar, 1818-1888

Views of Philadelphia Souvenir Booklet

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Centennial Exhibition and Philadelphia [viewbook] [graphic].



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