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Cushman, Charlotte, 1817-1876.

Brunton, Anne, 1768-1808

Shaw, Charlotte.

Logan, Eliza, 1829-1872

Robertson, Agnes, 1833-1916.

Kimberly, Miss, b. 1818.

Dean, Julia, 1830-1868.

Victoria Vokes.

Vernon, Jane Marchant Fisher, 1796-1869.

Farren, Mary Ann, 1817 or 18-1894

Marsh's Juvenile Comedians.

Heron, Matilda, 1830-1877.

Howard, Cordelia, 1848-1941.

Duff, Mary Ann, 1795-1807.

Barrow, Julia Bennett, b. 1824.

Kemble, Fanny, 1809-1893.

Keene, Laura, 1826-1873.

Clifton, Ada, 1835-1891.

Murder of Mr. Ewing by Miss Hamlin

Ketchum, Miss.

Forrest, Catherine Norton Sinclair, 1817-1891.

Florence, W. J. (William Jermyn), Mrs., 1830-1906.

Ritchie, Anna Cora Ogden Mowatt, 1819-1870.

Montez, Lola, 1818-1861.

Charlotte Saunders Cushman "of the Walnut Street Theater"

Phillipps, Adelaide, 1833-1882.

Carrie Perkins.

Who are you, rampaging stranger

Cushman sisters

Annie Fox.

Fanny Kemble.

Fanny Kemble [graphic] / Painted from recollection by T. Sully.

Bateman sisters

The cheapest place in town! Fechner Bros., auctioneers, No. 490 State Street, New Haven, Conn.

Brooklyn Academy of Music Lessee, Miss Laura Keene : Second and last night of Miss Laura Keene! and her Comedy Combination. A new and splendid play Speciality.--Every visitor attending the performance at the academy, this evening, will be presented with a

Catalogue of theatrical and public celebrities

Brooklyn Academy of Music Lessee, Miss Laura Keene : Opening night of Miss Laura Keene! and her Comedy Combination. Miss Laura Keene respectfully announces to the citizens of Brooklyn that she will give 2 grand performances Speciality.--Every visitor atte

Plates from "Sketches supposed to have been intended for Fanny Kemble's journal"

Miss Kathleen O'Neil's novelty, drawing-room and pantomimic troupe! : Prof. Eugene Thiodon, leader of orchestra Programme. ... The Irish girl's drawing-room entertainment in which Miss Kathleen O'Neil will perform the stage-struck servant girl, and sing h