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Charles Baeder Philada. Steam Works

Bought of C. Cumming & Co. Manufacturers & dealers in twine, glues, curled hair, hide whips, sand paper, lace leather, horns, bones, neats' foot oil, plastering hair & c. Factory -St. John STreet, above Beaver, Philad'a. Stores---nos. 3, 5 & 7 South Third

Van Stan's Stratena, the best cement in the world. [graphic]: Great lecture on Van Stan's Stratena by Julius Augustus Cesar at Ethiopian Hall. Mends china, glass, wood, bone, metal, jet, coral, porcelain, leather, ivory, stone, &c. &c.

Baeder, Delany & Adamson, manufacturers of glue curled, cow hide whips, sand & emery paper, neatsfoot, oil, bone, dust, plastering hair.

[Van Stan's Stratena and Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil trade cards]