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The Union Sons, of Johnson Society, of Philadelphia.

The Rev. Richard Allen, Bishop of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church, in the U. States

Revd. Jeremiah Gloucester

Revd. Richard Allen

Eden Baptist Church Phila

Philadelphia Divinity School 1931

Philadelphia Divinity School 1933

Rev. C.M. Tanner, Philadelphia, Pa., April 17, 1896 [graphic] / Kuebler, 1210 Chestnut St., Philada.

Rev. Richard Allen, founder of the American Methodist Episcopal Church, in the United States of America, 1779.

Revd. Charles W. Gardner

Revd. William Miller, Superintendant of the Wesleyan Zion Connexion in America

Revd. John Gloucester

From the plantation to the senate

Distinguished colored men