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H. Rendtorff, wholesale and retail dealer in stoves and hardware, 291 & 293 North Ave., Chicago. [graphic].

The light-running New Home sewing machine, D.S. Ewing, general agent, 1127 Chestnut St. Phila, PA. [graphic].

Wedding of the twins [graphic] : Universal, perfect and elegant stoves and ranges. Manufactured by Cribben, Sexton & Co., Chicago, Ill.

It stands at the head. "Domestic" sewing machine [graphic].

Pore lil' Mose sends his Pa a valentine. [graphic] / R.F. Outcault.

No. 10 The event Or where "2 pair is better than 4 of a kind" [graphic] / McGreer.

Sunday. Yer looks lubly Ephraim, and it all comes using dat Higgins soap [graphic].

[Series of Clarence E. Brooks & Co. Fine Coach Varnishes, cor. West & West 12th St. N.Y. racist 1880 calendar illustrations after the "Blackville" series] [graphic].