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[African American boy butler carrying a bouquet of flowers] [graphic].

[African American boy doorman carrying a bouquet of flowers] [graphic].

[Two African American women domestics baking bread] [graphic].

[African American boy butler carrying a bouquet of flowers] [graphic].

[African American domestics holding a white sheet] [graphic].

J. & P. Coats thread. Come in Topsey out of the rain. You’ll get wet. Oh! it won’t hurt me missy I’m like Coats black thread de color won’t come off by wettin [graphic].

Wootten's excelsior stove lustre or pure black lead

Excelsior metal polish, for polishing and cleaning cutlery, brass, copper, tin ware and all bright steel and metal work [graphic].

The First lesson [graphic] : An exceptional offer to the users of Knox gelatine.

Muzzy's sun gloss starch. Elkhart Starch Co. [graphic].

Enoch Morgan's Sons Sapolio [graphic].

Smith brothers chemically pure Borax. [graphic].

Tuesday. Yes my heart is light, for de close iron white, and dat is jist what tickles me, for without Higgins' soap, you have'nt any hope, so please to take pattern by me [graphic].

Friday. Use Higgins' soap in de mornin, a washin of de winder, for wif good soap and a merry heart, dar's nothin for to hinder [graphic].

[Scraps no. 3 for 1832] [graphic] / Designed engraved & published by D.C. Johnston 19 Water St.

Try King's quick rising buckwheat. It is the best. The cook likes it [graphic].

[Scraps no. 3. for 1832] [graphic] / Designed engraved and published by D.C. Johnston.