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The travelled monkey - wiser & sadder. [graphic] / JML.

[Caricature of a laughing African American man]

[Caricature of a laughing African American man]

Joyous birthday [graphic].

Cartes de visite reproductions of "Campaign Sketches" [graphic] / [Designed and drawn on stone by Winslow Homer]

B.M. Weld, drugs & medicines, also boots, shoes, slippers, etc. Bradford, Vermont.

Joseph L. Varnam, ladies' and gents' & children's boot & shoe maker, Bustleton, 23rd ward, Philad'a.

Customer. "Rather cool weather Pete, for a close crop like that." Pete. "Can't help it Boss---the proprietor says long hairs gits in de wittles." [graphic].

A new song suitable to the season, to the tune of good English beer. [graphic]

He dreamt dat from away off thar de angels sent him news. He 'woke and found it was Dunbarr dat sent dem bully shoes; 60 N. Fourth St. Philadelphia.

[Armand Dalsemer trade cards]

Mechanical target and gun. Mutual Novelty Manufacturing Co., 813 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

[Simian circus rider atop a galloping horse] [graphic] / Anness.

Scent to the legislature. [graphic] / Andrews, Del.

[Frederick A. Rex & Co. trade cards]

The eureka poisoned fly-plate will kill every fly in the house.


St. Johns Episcopal Church's minstral club - graphic of minstral show April 12 and 13, 1901

Franks Dining Room, for ladies and gents, open day and night, 216 N. Ninth St., Phila. [graphic].

[African American faces]

Gantz, Jones & Co.'s sea foam. [graphic].

The (Fort) Monroe doctrine. [graphic]

John Bull makes a discovery. [graphic]

"I say Billy, do you know why I'm doing this? Cause, I'm going to run for Congress soon!" [graphic] /. Potomac.

[Proofs from specimen album loose prints collection]

[Migrating emancipated slaves]

The Declaration of Independence illustrated. [graphic] / Fabronius; Designed by R. Thayer; L. Prang & Co. Lith, Boston.

The Great Rohan & the cattle market. [graphic]

A line shot - the recoil. [graphic] / Thos. Worth.

Philadelphia fashions, 1837. [graphic] / C.

[Scraps for the year 1830] [graphic] / Designed etched & published by D.C. Johnston.

A "dodge" that won't work. [graphic] / J. Cameron.

Smoke Day's standard Durham smoking tobacco

Pay day at the custom house, N.Y. [graphic] / Magee, del.

"The Freedman's Bureau." [graphic] / Thos. Worth.

The two platforms. [graphic]

Wootten's excelsior stove lustre or pure black lead

The black Republicans at their devotions. [graphic]

"De breddren and sisters will now relate dere experience."

Creditor of Johnsing & Skinner--"I'll hab a hundred and fifty cents on de dollar, or I'll lick de hul firm."

Life in Philadelphia. An unfair reflection. [graphic] / Designd & drawn by W. Summers; Hunt sculpt.

Life in Philadelphia. An unfair reflection.

Life in Philadelphia. An unfair reflection. [graphic] / Designd & drawn by W. Summers; Hunt sculpt.

Life in Philadelphia. An unfair reflection.

Brother Gardner addresses the Lime Kiln Club on the virtues of Dixon's Stove Polish

"I'm a farder"

I'se a dude!

Photography under a cloud.

[Geo. G. Burbank, druggist and apothecary, 235 Main St., Worcester, Mass.]