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[Unidentifed African American man]

[Well-dressed unidentified African American man]

[Unidentifed elderly African American man]

Two dromios

Louisa A. White photograph album [graphic].

[Older African American man seated on donkey]

[Three men by a carriage at an unidentified rural location]

[Young African American man, possibly slave Jerry Stevens, at Raceland Plantation, Dinwiddie, Virginia]

[Caricature of a laughing African American man]

[Caricature of a laughing African American man]

[Celebration at building construction site]

[African American minstrel group performing on a riverboat]

[Half-length portrait of African American] James Rodgers [graphic].

[Full-length portrait of African American James Rodgers] [graphic].

[Silas McMinn residence, Lake Idaho?]

David Murray, our waiter at Haverford [College] & his wife at door of Gym [graphic].

[Group portrait of brick masons]

[The scourged back]

[Group portrait in front of the rear of a frame residence at an unidentified location.]

James Weldon Johnson.

Emancipated slaves.

Emancipated slaves.