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[Well-dressed unidentified African American man]

[Unidentifed African American man]

[Unidentifed elderly African American man]

Two dromios

[Older African American man seated on donkey]

[Three men by a carriage at an unidentified rural location]

Louisa A. White photograph album [graphic].

[Celebration at building construction site]

[Caricature of a laughing African American man]

[Caricature of a laughing African American man]

[Young African American man, possibly slave Jerry Stevens, at Raceland Plantation, Dinwiddie, Virginia]

[Half-length portrait of African American] James Rodgers [graphic].

[Full-length portrait of African American James Rodgers] [graphic].

[African American minstrel group performing on a riverboat]

David Murray, our waiter at Haverford [College] & his wife at door of Gym [graphic].

[Group portrait of brick masons]

Robert Bogel.

[Silas McMinn residence, Lake Idaho?]

[Group portrait in front of the rear of a frame residence at an unidentified location.]

James Weldon Johnson.

[The scourged back]


Learning is wealth. Wilson, Charley, Rebecca & Rosa, slaves from New Orleans.

Emancipated slaves.

Emancipated slaves.

The military and historical portrait group of the officers of the Third North Carolina U. S. V. Infantry in the war with Spain, commanded by Colonel James H. Young. The first negro regiment ever organized and entirely officered by colored men.