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Forget me not

A mark of friendship's pleasing power...

[Vase of flowers]

[Assorted flowers] [graphic] / L.A.B.

[Rose with open scroll] [graphic].

[Floral watercolor]


"A token of love from me, to thee" [graphic] / S.M. Douglass.

"I love a flower!" [graphic] / S.M. Douglass.

"Forget me not!" [graphic] / M.F.

"Long long be thy heart with your memory fill'd..." [graphic] / Margaretta

[Vase of flowers] [graphic].

No marvel woman should love flowers... [graphic] / Selected by S.M. Douglass.


Original & selected poetry &c. [graphic] / Amy Matilda Cassey.

Original & selected poetry &c. [graphic] / Martina Dickerson.