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The first of May 1865 or gen'l moving day in Richmond Va. [graphic] / Lith. by Kimmel & Forster, 254 & 256 Canal St., N.Y.

Our relations at home and abroad.

Exeter Hall. The Lion weeps: "Is he not a bird and a brother?" [graphic]

Grand tableau of the future. The little child, Liberty, shall lead them. [graphic]

For the precise period at which this occurred, consult history. [graphic]

The Eagle vindicates the Monroe Doctrine in Mexico. [graphic]

Introduction of Master Swamp Angel: the Lion pockets his Rams. [graphic]

Grand combat between the Eagle and the Wolf. [graphic]

The arming of the Wolf by his faithful squire. [graphic]

Which temporarily astonished even the Gallic Cock. [graphic]

Who responded with warlike vigor when the Lion caved. [graphic]

The Mexican Vulture garroted by the Gallic Cock. [graphic]

On England's muggy shore a surly lion gave a grievous roar! [graphic]

Which he forgets in the embrace of the belligerent Wolf of the C.S.A. [graphic]

Northern coat of arms. [graphic]

African American dandy

The Temptation of St. Anthony


[Abraham Lincoln caricature satirizing the draft] [graphic].

The negro on the brain. [graphic].

Ferdinand & Solomon's Minstrels will give a grand parlor entertainment! : At [blank] on [blank] eve'ng, [blank] 1863 Admission [blank] cts. Children, [blank] cts. The most complete traveling band in the profession, composed of distinguished artists. Novel

Eleventh St. Opera House : Eleventh Street, above Chestnut. The family resort. Carncross and Dixeys Minstrels ... Tuesday evening, March 15th, 1864 ... / R.F. Simpson, treasurer. J.L. Carncross, manager.

Jeff. Davis The last ditch. : "Bless my stars if dere aint Massa Jeff Davis in de las' ditch at last.

"The coon" wedding march


I take it on my responsibility. [graphic]

The darktown fire brigade - saved! [graphic] / Thos. Worth.

"Does you love me hun?" [graphic].

Abolitionist Philanthropist.

Carncross & Dixey's Minstrels! Eleventh Street Opera House. : Benefit of Robt. Fraser on Monday eve'g, May 4. Entire new bill.

Eleventh St. Opera House Eleventh Street, above Chestnut. : Carncross and Dixey's Minstrels the star troupe of the world Benefit of E.F. Dixey this Tuesday evening, March 29th, 1864.

Free negroes in the North

Fixing a block-head to the Constitution or putting a wart on the nose of old ironsides. [graphic]

The results of abolitionism. [graphic]

Not very like a whale but very like a fish. Seventh Ward Promenades. [graphic] /. A. Shad

Much ado about nothing or a militia court-martial. [graphic]

Jeff. Davis., the compromiser, in a tight place. [graphic]

How free ballot is protected. [graphic] / J.E. Baker, del.

African American caricature Franz Aman trade cards

Sketches for the Washington Races in October 1840

Stephens' album drolleries no. 1. [graphic] : Our relations at home and abroad / In oil colors from original designs by H. L. Stephens.

Jim Crow and his poney [sic] never fail to please [graphic].

Customer. "Rather cool weather Pete, for a close crop like that." Pete. "Can't help it Boss---the proprietor says long hairs gits in de wittles." [graphic].