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No. 5 The duel [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 9 Coming events [graphic] / McGreer.

Wedding of the twins [graphic] : Universal, perfect and elegant stoves and ranges. Manufactured by Cribben, Sexton & Co., Chicago, Ill.

No. 1. The flirtation [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 2 The introduction [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 3 The courting [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 4 The proposal [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 6 The wedding [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 8 Return from the honeymoon tour [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 10 The event Or where "2 pair is better than 4 of a kind" [graphic] / McGreer.

The wedding party off for Europe. And they have all got on the neat $2.50, gaiters made to measure at the Co-operative Shoemakers, arnt they splendid. 220 & 222 S. Halsted St. [graphic].

[Incomplete set of racist playing card game Game of In Dixieland. No. 1118] [graphic].

[Photographic reproductions of the Cartoon Printing Co. series after the 1878 Harper’s Weekly "Blackville" series “The Twins”] [graphic]/ McGreer.