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A Booby.

Prize Medal Skater.

Some Pumpkins, Esq.


Mr. Bull-Frog.

The Sloven.

Oh! Sailor boy, dost e'er feel blue

That Precious Baby.

The Barber.

The Innocent Young Man.

To a Bricklayer.


Long Shanks.

My Heart and Hand are Yours.

The Music Teacher.

Beloved by Everybody.

You talk so much of what you'll do

The President of the Ugly Club.

Cabbage, the Tailor.

The Boot and Shoe Maker.

The Politician.

Tenant Wanted.

The Glutton.

Disappointed Woman.

Lazy Man.

You Puppy.

The Soldier.

Lady Horseman.



A Fireman.

The Snob.

A Gassy Man.

Take Back Your Heart.

Now do but look what have we here

The Singing Girl.


To a Butcher.

Gold $100,000,000

A Rowdy Fireman.

My Pretty Beau.

The Musical Negro.

To a School Master.

Arrah, Patrick, my boy, now, and where are you jigging?

The Tinner.

The Mitten.

Accept Your Own.

Butcher, butcher, paunch tripe cleaner.

The Cooper.

Two Faced Man.