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Mt. Pleasant.

Arnold mansion postcards.

Mt. Pleasant, river front. [graphic].

Mount Pleasant, home of Benedict Arnold in Fairmount Park. [graphic].

Arnold mansion postcards. [graphic].

Mount Pleasant, Arnold House, East Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

[Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Drive, East Fairmount Park, Philadelphia] [graphic] / W.N. Jennings.

Mt. Pleasant E. Park ... [graphic] / [Official Photographer, 730 City Hall].

[Exterior view of Mount Pleasant Mansion built 1761-1765 for Captain John Macpherson after the designs of Thomas Nevil in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

[Mount Pleasant mansion, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]. [graphic].

[Mount Pleasant mansion, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

Belmont and waterworks. Mount Pleasant, Fairmount Park, Philada. [graphic].

Photographs [graphic] / John C. Browne.