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ASSU Illustration 9251

ASSU Illustration 352

[Collection of designs for letters and monograms, by J.M. Bergling.]

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art postcards.

Fan blacksmiths [graphic].

Making sport of the blind boy.

ASSU Illustration 9295

Cresson, Emlen

Lewis, Reeve

The little pilferers.

Grand Union ball in honor of the recent brilliant victories achieved by the land and naval forces of the United States, at the Academy of Music, Tuesday evening, March 4, 1862.

Be kind to the needy.

Summer luxuries.

The wharf.

The staff of life.

A ride to the city.

The Hottentots butcher ; The Hottentot mat-maker, potter & c. [graphic].

The happy family.

The cruel boys robbing the bird of her little ones.

The dishonest boy

Industry & sloth.

[Fisher Fine Arts Library, University of Pennsylvania, 34th and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

The cruel boys. [graphic] : What shows a worse disposition than to abuse a poor dumb creature. It is the beginning of a course, that leads to robbery and murder.

[Sunday in the Country]

Warren, E. B., 1833-1917

Helmuth, Henry K.

Assembly Buildings Tenth & Chestnut Streets. Large saloon. Thursday eve'ng, Oct. 13th, 1864. : Young and old statesmen, civilians, military and naval heroes, all attend the lectures of the brave and gifted heroine Miss Major Pauline Cushman! The famous Un

Fine oysters.

The butcher.

The omnibus.

The express man.

The sea and the ships.

The farmer at the market.

The kraals and hutts of the Hottentots ; The Hottentot skinner. [graphic].

[B.L. Dai looking at books of the Nashi who inhabit the high mountains between China & Tibet several hundred years ago. Now in The Library of Congress] [graphic].

Drinker, Catharine Ann, 1841-1922

To the depot.

Coming home.

The coal-cart.

The oysterman.

Idle talk.

The wood-cart.

The draymen.

 A "lily footed" woman of China - this outrage against nature has been in vogue 900 years. [graphic].

The rag tender