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Pennsylvania Institution for the Blind postcards.

Mary J. Drexel Home postcards.

Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb postcards.

Home for Veteran and Wife G.A.R., 63rd and Callowhill Sts. [sic], Philadelphia, Pa.

Wills' Ophthalmic Hospital.

St. John's Orphan Asylum postcards.

Tel-Aviv Inc. Hotel and Convalescent Home for the Elderly and Retired, 145 West School House Lane, Philadelphia, Pa.

Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb.

House of refuge (girls), 22nd & Girard, Phila. [graphic].

[The George Nugent Home for Aged Ministers and their Wives.]

Nugent Home postcards.

Photograph Album of Philadelphia and Vicinity

Collections from fugitive sources only, illustrative of the antiquities, progress & c. of the city Philadelphia [graphic] / Vincit qui se vincit. Collected by Chas. A. Poulson.

Views of Philadelphia

Photograph album of Philadelphia and vicinity

City of Philadelphia, 1867

The game of Philadelphia buildings

The Game of Philadelphia Buildings Flashcards