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Children sitting on the hood of a car or truck, Philadelphia.

[Ford Model T truck with signage "Walker & Davis Inc., Machinists, Ruth & Cambria Sts."]

Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, Henry Ave. & Abbotsford Rd., Philadelphia.

Commerce St. looking east from 21st St.

[Mr. Eckels, winner of Antique Derby at the 1934 Philadelphia Auto Show, with his automobiles, a 1892 Blackie Car and a "1934 Delage"]

[B.F. Goodrich Rubber Company's national tire testing fleet at Lincoln Way garage, 52nd & Lancaster, West Philadelphia]

[1433-1435 South Street, Philadelphia]

Philadelphia. Chestnut St. looking east from Broad St.

Lippincott Mansion

P.2010.18.2 - 9

[Procession of Poor Richard Club members down Locust Street, Philadelphia]