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[Three] colored boys with banjos back of Swannanoa Hotel, Asheville, [NC] [graphic].

[African American youth playing banjo.]

Yes you! [graphic].

[African American man minstrel bowing holding a banjo] [graphic].

[African American man minstrel playing the banjo] [graphic].

Telephone for the Alden fruit vinegar [graphic].

Go to Edelman's for your kid gloves, zephyrs, ribbons and hosiery, 335 Northampton St., Easton, PA. [graphic].

Two souls with but a single thought.

[African American woman on a balcony talking on a tin can telephone to an African American man minstrel] [graphic].

[Theo. Ricksecker's trade cards]

Uncle Tom's Cabin. On the Levee

The happy negro. [graphic] / J.F.