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United States Bank Philadelphia. [graphic].

United States Bank Philadelphia.

United States Bank Philadelphia

Custom House.

Custom House Philada. [graphic].

Custom House Philada. [graphic] / Bartlett & Smith, photographers.

Chestnut Street, west of Fourth.

I take it on my responsibility. [graphic]

Old Nick in Wall Street [graphic].

Banks & bribery, v.s. balls & bumbs scene 1st [graphic] : Or the destruction of aristocracy monopoly and oppression / From a splendid picter, draw'd for the Jineral by Zek Downing, historical painter to Uncle Jack & Jineral Jackson.

Chestnut Strasse, Sudwetseite der 4th.= Chestnut Street, west of Fourth.

The gold & silver artificers of Phila. In civic procession 22 Feb 1832.

United States Hotel Chesnut [sic] Street, Philadelphia.

Bank of the United States Records, 1790-1842 (inclusive).

[I] take the responsibility. [graphic] / Hassan Straightshanks, Del.

A confederacy against the Constitution and the rights of the people with an historical view of the component parts of this diabolical transaction [graphic].

The people putting responsibility to the test or the downfall of the kitchen cabinet and collar presses. [graphic] / T.W. Whitley alias Sir Joshua invt..

All on hobbies, gee up, gee ho! [graphic] / C.